Though born and raised in Ghana, Adufah has lived in Chicago, Illinois for the past nine years. With limited training in fine art, he taught himself to become the artist he is today, developing his drawing hobby into a professional art career. Originally doubting art as a stable endeavor due to personal fears and familial pressures, Adufah endured on a path towards architecture. However, quickly realizing he needed to discover something meant for him, and that included opening the world’s eyes to the positive wonders of Africa, painting became his new outlet, and permanent commitment. Since moving to Chicago as a late teen, Adufah has been concerned with the negative perception of Africa that has consistently been tainted by its history and the media. It was baffling for Adufah to see that his home was only seen under the lens of war, poverty and famine, and found it even more troubling that blacks in America shared these limited views. Using his artwork as a tool to react to this narrative, Adufah crafted a personal mission “to empower, promote and celebrate the African culture through his portrait paintings.” What is vital in creating Homeland Series: Ghana is Adufah’s physical engagement with his subjects. His practice involves traveling to Africa and capturing the people he meets on his journeys.



2017 BFA. Fine Art/Painting Southern, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

2013 School of Architecture, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

2008 Associate of Liberal Art.  Prairie State College, Chicago Heights, IL



Group Exhibition

7017 Surplus GalleryRickert-Ziebold Trust Award. Carbondale, IL

2017 NYCH Gallery, Farewell44.  Chicago, IL.

2017 NAACP Gala, Carbondale, IL.

2016 Southern Illinois Museum of African Art, Carbondale, IL.

2016 Art Africa Miami. Soul Basel.  Miami, FL.

2016 Gallery Guichard. Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Art Basel.  Miami, FL. 

2016 Gallery Guichard. Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series.  Chicago, IL

2016 Crude Creatures Gallery, Parallel Universe. Chicago, IL

2016 Surplus Gallery, C4 Exhibition. Carbondale, IL.

2015 Creative Space Gallery. The Native Series. Chicago, IL

2015 Surplus Gallery, C4 Exhibition. Carbondale, IL.

2015 Gallery Guichard, Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. Chicago, IL.


Solo Exhibition


7017 Surplus Gallery, Thesis Show, This Image Is Not Available In Your Country. Carbondale,IL

2016 William Hill Gallery, Homeland Ghana. Chicago, IL

2016 The Bishop Gallery, Homeland Ghana. Brooklyn, NY.

2015 Crude Creatures, Homeland Ghana. Chicago, IL.

2014 Normal Gallery, Homeland Africa. Chicago, IL.



2016 BBC News,  Homeland Philanthropic work

2015 ABC7 Chicago, Homeland Ghana

2015 Heart and Soul: FOX32 Chicago “Homeland”: Life of Solomon Adufah

2015 WGNTV Chicago artist helps kids in Africa
 Houston Style Magazine 2014 Bring Back Our Girls Charity Fundraiser with Tyrese Gibson



7017 Rickert-Ziebold Trust Award Winner

2016 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Chicago Regional 1st Place Winner

2016 10 Annual Forum Juried Exhibition Best in Show- 1st Runner Up